The personal, professional, and nonsensical blog of one Shane Turgeon…

Tattoos and Toys Dot Com was the original home of Star Wars and other geeky tattoos on the Internet. It was the first and only site dedicated to showcasing just how sweetly a combination of tattoo and nerd culture could be.

It was groundbreaking.

It was the home of the pioneers of a now massive and oft taken for granted part of both of these cultures.

The original “archive” was founded by me, Shane Turgeon, in 1999 in conjunction with the now defunct Wampashit fanzine. The site received it’s own dedicated url in 2002 and, at the peak of it’s popularity, was getting between 20,000 and 30,000 unique hits a month.

Unfortunately real world concerns like career advancement, career changes, challenging relationships (both personal and professional), and entrepreneurship began dominating my life. To top it off, I realized that the importance collecting had in my life was waning and I sold much of it off.

All of this coupled with the site’s technological limitations vs its explosion in popularity made it very difficult to maintain.

Despite three failed attempts over a five year period to redevelop the site into something more modern and functional, the site languished. Soon others were doing what I started (and still wanted to do) but better than I ever could.

Why complete?

So I decided to turn the site into something a little different. A blog if you will.

A blog and a showcase of the cool shit that made this site famous the first time around. Tattoos. Toys. Comics. Art. And…inspirational writing.

Wait. What?

Inspirational writing, you say? That wasn’t there before!

No, it wasn’t. But people have been enjoying the raw, honest and introspective writing I’ve been doing lately on Facebook so I figured it was time to share more of it with the world.

Afterall, life is about growth. And the best of things grow into something more than they started out as. Just as I have. Just as this site will.

With all that said, welcome to the new Tattoos and Toys Dot Com!

A dose of real world self-growth and self-discovery mixed with a splash of all the things that make (my) life that much sweeter – geeky tattoos, rare toys and comics, and original comic art. I hope you enjoy the ride!

And if you’re interested in checking out where we came from, check it out here courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

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