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I am reminded, in moments such as this, just how easy it is to be bogged down by so many things that just don’t matter in a day. The pressures I put on myself to be successful in my businesses, the deadlines I impose upon myself, the financial pressures and the stress I and I alone create in my daily life. I am reminded again of how I often allow mistakes from my past to trouble my present; be it the people I’ve let down or those who I feel have let me down. The past is the past. All we can do is learn from it and better ourselves; forgive and hope to be forgiven. It’s moments such as this, basking in an amazing sunset while walking my dogs, that I’m reminded that I already have all that I need in my life. I can stop imposing such pressure at any time. All we all need to do is pause long enough to let it be that reminder.

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