The Thall Run

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Many vintage Star Wars collectors who focus on prototypes will narrow that focus down even further by trying to collect as much preproduction and prototype materials as possible for one figure or character.

I’ve long had a focus on Thall Joben, an obscure character from the Droids cartoon series from 1985 and have managed to put together a very comprehensive collection of preproduction material. To be honest, it’s one of the most comprehensive runs assembled!

On the top shelf you can see the original painting for the packaging art, a heavily marked cromalin, a proof card, 4 of the 5 colours of the Dunkin/Panrico cupcake toppers from Spain (still need yellow if anyone has any leads!) as well as the Jeff Carlisle submission from the Mighty Muggs art show.

Middle shelf (back row) shows a Toy Fair carded sample, US production MOC, Canadian production MOC and the Glasslite MOC (one of five known examples).

Middle shelf (front) shows a conceptual wax sculpt, conceptual hardcopy, the original wax sculpt, three different hand painted hardcopies, unpainted first shot in non-usual colours, hand painted first shot, first shot with no dates, production loose and Glasslite loose.

Bottom shelf features all of the known coin prototypes: stage one hardcopy, softcopy, stage two hardcopy, alternate plaster, two different silver first shot coins, bronze first shot coin, etching plate and the hobs and dies.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this!

Shane TurgeonThe Thall Run


  1. Jedi Kim

    What is your love/obsession with this character? His cool haircut? 🙂

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