TMNT Movie Review

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I have to be perfectly honest. I had LOW expectations for this. As soon as you attach Michael Bay’s name to anything pop culture it immediately makes my stomach turn. I’m glad he wasn’t directing this one but even his hand as producer was enough to sour it for me and because of that, i was honestly expecting a vapid and flaccid rendition of one of pop culture’s most endearing and enduring properties. Instead i got a generic and uninspired rendition of it…so, i supposed that’s a step up?

The movie was fun enough. But it was beyond predictable, safe and a borderline pointless¬†retelling of a story we’ve been told for more than 25 years. Computerized fight scenes never look right and these looked pretty bad. They should have stuck with real martial artists in 75lb suits because the fight scenes in the first movie looked waaaay better. Megan Fox was…Megan Fox, for better or for worse, and ¬†there really was no believable cohesion between the human characters. The effects were okay enough but not earth shattering. In fact, the only real cool bit was the Miller-esque opening sequence.

All told, it’s worth a watch at the very least. But i would definitely wait for Bluray or Netflix and save your movie going money to see Guardians a second, third or fourth time.


Shane TurgeonTMNT Movie Review

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